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Expert Roofing Maintenance Services for Your Home Edwardsville, IL

For more than 50 years, John Boushard Home Remodeling in Edwardsville, IL has been the area’s leading roof installation, roof repair, and roof care expert. We strive to offer reliable and affordable roofing repair and installation services to all of our customers to keep their homes safe and secure for years to come! As a family-owned and operated business, we realize that your home is a major investment, which is why we provide a wide selection of residential roofing options in a variety of styles and materials. Call our shop today for skilled service from trained professionals, high-quality roofing materials, and a warranty that lasts longer than the life of your home.

Roofing Maintenance Edwardsville, IL

The roof of your Edwardsville, IL home is by far one of the most important components of your property. Most homeowners know that when it comes to keeping the roof in quality condition, professional maintenance from experts like ours is needed over time, but how often does your roof require regular maintenance? When it comes to replacing the shingles on your roof, most will last for more than a decade before needing to be replaced again. For having your roof cleaned, we recommend power washing your roof and gutters at least once a year, preferably twice a year. Every element of nature hits your roof, so keep it in excellent shape by calling John Boushard Home Remodeling for reliable roofing maintenance services.

Roofing Repair Edwardsville, IL

Have you spotted a water stain on the ceiling of your home? Are there a few shingles from your roof that have fallen into your front or back yard? This may mean that your roof needs to be repaired. When you call John Boushard House Remodeling in Edwardsville, IL, we’ll come out to your home and do a comprehensive inspection to determine what repairs are necessary to restore the structure and security of your roof. Whether you have a small hole that needs to be patched up and pest-proofed or a large branch has damaged a section of your roof, our team is here to help you every step of the way with expert roofing repair services. No job is too big or too small for our building and roofing experts! For prompt and effective repair services, call (618) 779-4873 today.

Roofing Installation Edwardsville, IL

If your roof was built in the 1970s or you discover big branches from a storm have damaged a section of your roof, restoring the whole structure may seem daunting. Thankfully, John Boushard Remodeling’s roofing installation and replacement specialists provide dependable and inexpensive roofing services for homes in Edwardsville, IL, and the surrounding areas. The last thing you want is for the damage to spread to other areas of your ceiling as a result of delaying your roof installation. This may not only cost you more than the initial cost, but it can also expose your house and family to dangerous situations. After inspecting and establishing the degree of the damage, our specialists will work with you to choose everything down to the color and style of your shingles. Contact us for expert roofing installation services for your property.

For professional roofing installation services for your home, contact us today.

Key Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced Edwardsville, IL

Our team realizes that we don’t need to convince you that your roof is significant to the safety of your home. However, many homeowners don’t know what to look for when their roof isn’t functioning properly. John Boushard Remodeling’s experienced specialists have prepared a list of major indications that it may be time to replace your roof in Edwardsville, IL. Don’t jeopardize your family’s safety; call us right now at (618) 779-4873 to schedule a roof inspection to evaluate the state of your roof. These are six of the most important things to look for if you suspect a roof problem:

  • Visible leaks coming from your attic
  • The outdoor paint of your home is peeling off
  • There are water stains on your ceilings and interior walls.
  • Your roof has cracked, decaying, or missing shingles.
  • There is visible damage to your roof after a storm.
  • You notice your roofline sagging.