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Buying a home is an extremely stressful process, but there is hardly a more comforting feeling than purchasing the right home – designed specifically with your needs in mind. For most home owners, they don’t get lucky enough to find the “perfect” home, most of the time it needs a little elbow grease and love. That’s what John Boushard Home Remodeling does – provides the elbow grease and love that each home needs in order to achieve its maximum potential.

Whether you need interior home remodeling for those in the Collinsville, Illinois area to open up space within your bathroom, or it’s finally time for a kitchen upgrade to create more storage – we have the tools and knowledge for the task. We also specialize in roofing repairs and concrete work to maintain an aesthetically pleasing landscape for you. Call us now for a free estimate on your home remodeling desires and to schedule a consultation!  

Our Home Remodeling Services for those in Collinsville Illinois

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There are many aspects to home remodeling and we try to cover every one of them.

In terms of interior home remodeling in Collinsville, Illinois, we provide bathroom renovations, opening up space in your shower with customized shower enclosures, double vanity installations to avoid overcrowded areas, tubs and more! If you want a kitchen upgrade, we provide, various different styles and color palettes of floors, sinks, countertops, customizable cabinets and installation of kitchen islands. We also provide window installation if you are looking to upgrade your window and style, or simply converting to more energy efficient windows to help save money in the long run! If you are wanting to update your doors, we can help you there, as well! 

If you want to add home additions, we specialize in sunrooms, decks and garages. Constructing screened in rooms for you to enjoy the breeze minus the bugs, or if you want to create an outdoor area to display the outdoor bar and grill – we have the knowledge and desire to get you what you want. Additionally, we install garages, both, attached and unattached.

To keep the aesthetic well maintained and beautiful, we also offer exterior repairs and remodeling for those in the Collinsville, Illinois. If you have recently had storm damage to your roof, or siding needs repaired – we offer our advice and a detailed walk through of your best options moving forward. We care about the little things. For instance, we take our time ensuring that the proper maintenance is kept on your gutters, soffit and fascia.

We also dabble with concrete work. We understand the importance of a beautiful landscape and the value it adds to your home. Our concrete experts provide a range of residential services including: driveways, sidewalks, patios, walkways and more.

Local Kitchen Remodeling Specialists in the Collinsville Illinois area

kitchen remodeling services in collinsville illinois

At John Boushard Home Remodeling, it is our belief that having an aesthetically and functional kitchen is what really brings your home together as a whole. Our kitchen remodeling in the Collinsville, Illinois area has one goal: design and build your dream kitchen, and our remodeling experts know how to do just that and work with any kind of budget. When hiring our remodeling contractors, you get designers, project managers, and quality craftsmen, all with extensive experience and years of knowledge at your service. We know how to bring your vision to fruition and create your ideal kitchen. John Boushard Home Remodeling is at your service for every step of the way, including having our designers collaborate with you making sure the cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, tiling, flooring and lighting are exactly what you want. Want to transform your kitchen into one you’ve seen on TV?    All it takes is a phone call to our kitchen remodeling specialists in Collinsville, Illinois. 

Reliable Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in the Collinsville Illinois area

bathroom remodeling near collinsville illinois

A great way to increase the value of your home while simultaneously establishing a more personal space is with a bathroom remodeling project. Luckily for you, John Boushard Home Remodeling are the bathroom remodeling experts for those in the Collinsville, Illinois area. From a master bath upgrade to an easy powder room, our remodeling contractors have the expertise to over exceed your expectations, as we have with so many other clients. Our bathroom remodeling services include:

We are starting to see a trend with homeowners that are wanting to upgrade their bathroom to make them safer and more personable. This includes walk-in showers, higher toilets, hand-held shower heads, natural lighting and non-slip floors. This is known as aging in place remodeling and the purpose is to create a more safe, accessible, comfortable and convenient bathroom space. If you are considering undergoing a bathroom remodel in Collinsville, Illinois, you can rely on our experts at John Boushard Home Remodeling

"We provide the elbow grease and love that each home needs in order to achieve its maximum potential.."

Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors Collinsville Illinois

residential roofing services collinsville illinois

Just because you didn’t buy your dream home, doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into one. That is where John Boushard Home Remodeling comes in hand. Our home improvement contractors can provide a range of services from painting services and room additions, to laying concrete for your driveway and roof repair from storm damage. Furthermore, we also specialize in gutter cleaning throughout the Collinsville, Illinois area.

Incorporating a home addition is a challenge that should be left to the professionals who have a history of quality craftsmanship. There is nothing worse than adding room to your home, but it doesn’t look like it belongs. John Boushard Home Remodeling specialize in room additions in the Collinsville, Illinois area. 

So, the next time you are thinking about buying your dream home, consider the remodeling option.

Why Choose John Boushard Home Remodeling in Collinsville Illinois?

Specializing in home remodeling, home improvement and general contracting for all of your interior and exterior renovation needs. We have been servicing the Collinsville, Illinois area for over 50 years. Fully licensed and insured, we have built our reputation and legacy within our community, and are proud of our work thus far. We are locally owned and family operated and a third generation home remodeling business.

When it comes to home remodeling – we take it very seriously – as should you. After all, it is quite an investment. We do our best to make every project cost-efficient and offer guaranteed customer satisfaction – just ask around about us.

If you are ready to get started on your home remodeling wishes, have any questions about the process, want a free estimate and set up a consultation or just want to brainstorm ideas with our design experts – feel free to call us now, and let’s get started on your dream home.

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John Boushard Home Remodeling provides kitchen remodeling services to help expand your kitchen inside of your home. Whether it’s a new kitchen island or a new cabinet layout – we are up for the task to make your dreams come true.


Bored of your master bathroom? Want more shower space or a customized bathtub? Contact our licensed professionals with your ideas and get a free estimate to update your bathroom to suit your taste.