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Customizing your dream home can sometimes feel more like a chore than a blessing. But, given the potential price tag – it is a chore that requires extreme attention to detail and a contractor who truly cares. That is where John Boushard Home Remodeling comes in. Essentially, allowing us to take the remedial tasks off of your hands, while you sit-back and enjoy the process of getting the bedroom remodel of your dreams. We not only are great at what we do, but we enjoy it too. Nothing says good job like the ever expanding smile of a customer who has just realized we have crafted their ideal dream home for them. Let us ease the burden of your home remodeling process, which will allow you to enjoy the outcome that much more.

Whether you want to have a master bathroom upgrade or wanting to add more space to your room – we have the experience and tools to accommodate your requests near Edwardsville, Illinois. We also specialize in concrete work and roofing repairs to maintain the property value and beauty of your dream home. Call us now for a free estimate on your home remodeling wishes, and schedule a consultation!

We are the experts in home renovations near Edwardsville, Illinois, if you want to remodel your kitchen and install an island or customized countertops – call us for your remodeling needs. Equipped with the experience and tools for the job – we specialize in home remodeling, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with our craftsmanship.

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Our Home Remodeling Services for those in Edwardsville Illinois

All of our home remodeling services:

Interior home remodeling

We provide customized bathroom renovations and creating open space with double vanity installations, customized shower enclosures, tubs and more. A more popular option is kitchen remodeling, which we provide, from various types of styles and colors – we allow you to customize your floors, sinks cabinets and countertops to make your dream kitchen everything you could desire. Additionally, we install sliding glass and energy efficient windows to help save money on utility bills!  

Room Additions

we specialize in creating the sunrooms, decks and garages of your dreams. Enjoy the benefits of a screened in room and the summer breeze, storage/recreational areas to set up shrimp on the barbie or if you want to extend your two-car garage to a three-car garage. We have the skills and desire to get you what you want.

Exterior repairs and remodeling

If you have recently had storm damage to your roof, or siding needs repaired – we offer our advice and a detailed walk through of your best options moving forward. We care about the little things. For instance, we take our time ensuring that the proper maintenance is kept on your gutters, soffit and fascia.

Concrete work

We pave driveways, sidewalks, patios, walkways and more. Call us for a free estimate and consultation!

Local Kitchen Remodeling Specialists in the Edwardsville Illinois area

John Boushard Home Remodeling knows the importance of having a functional and asethetcially pleasing kitchen that works to bring your entire home together. In Edwardsville, Illinois, our remodeling contractors have one goal: collaborate with you in order to design your dream kitchen, then bring that dream to fruition. Our kitchen remodeling specialists have experience working with all kinds of budgets. When hiring us for your kitchen remodel, you will have a committed team that includes designers to help you plan your remodeling plans, project managers, and quality contractors that take pride in their craft. You’ll receive the benefit of hiring remodeling contractors that have years of experience and extensive knowledge about how to make your dream come true. John Boushard Home Remodeling works with our clients throughout the entire process going over cabinet design, countertops, backsplashes, tiling, flooring, and lighting options to bring you exactly what you want. 

Ready to enhance your kitchen’s appeal and functionality?
One phone call to our kitchen remodeling contractors in Edwardsville, Illinois is all it takes.

Reliable Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in the Edwardsville Illinois area

Undergoing bathroom remodeling in the Edwardsville, Illinois area is a terrific way to enhance your comfort, as well as increase the value of your home. John Boushard Home Remodeling is the professional remodeling contractor to contact when it is time for your bathroom remodeling project to begin. Whether you need a custom double vanity, upgrade your master bath, or update your bathroom flooring, we have the expertise to exceed our client’s expectations. Our bathroom remodeling services includes:

  • Design a modern floor plan
  • Bathroom makeovers
  • Plumbing updates
  • Custom tile shower surrounds
  • Lighting & Fixtures
  • Custom cabinet installation

A common trend amongst homeowners has been to remodel their bathroom to incorporate more safety features. This is referred to as ‘aging in place’ remodeling and is designed to create easier access, establish comfort and create a convenient bathroom space. Bathroom remodeling features we specialize in include walk-in showers, higher toilets, hand-held shower heads, natural lighting, and non-slip floors. When you make the decision to have a bathroom remodel in the Edwardsville, Illinois area, our remodeling contractors at John Boushard Home Remodeling are who to trust.  

"Let us ease the burden of your home remodeling process, which will allow you to enjoy the outcome that much more."

Roofing & Home Improvement Contractors in Edwardsville Illinois

You might not of bought your dream home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transition your current home into just that. With the help of our remodeling contractors at John Boushard Home Remodeling, we can bring those dreams to fruition. We have home improvement services that offer a variety of services like room additions, laying concrete for your sidewalks, driveways, and patios, and roof repair. Additionally, we are the gutter cleaning specalists in the Edwardsville, Illinois area. 

When adding a room addition to your home, it is important to leave the task to the professionals. While a room addition to expand your home’s living space is a great, if left to an inexperienced contractor, that room addition could feel out of place, throwing off the entire aesthetic of your home. 

Luckily for you, John Boushard Home Remodeling has extensive experience with home additions for those in the Edwardsville, Illinois area.

Why Choose John Boushard Home Remodeling in Edwardsville Illinois?

Specializing in home remodeling, home improvement and general contracting for all of your interior and exterior renovation needs. We have been servicing the Edwardsville, Illinois area for over 50 years. Fully licensed and insured, we have built our reputation and legacy within our community, and are proud of our work thus far. We are locally owned and family operated and a third generation home remodeling business.

When it comes to home remodeling – we take it very seriously – as should you. After all, it is quite an investment. We do our best to make every project cost-efficient and offer guaranteed customer satisfaction – just ask around about us.

If you are ready to get started on your home remodeling wishes, have any questions about the process, want a free estimate and set up a consultation or just want to brainstorm ideas with our design experts – feel free to call us now, and let’s get started on your dream home.


John Boushard Home Remodeling provides kitchen remodeling services to help expand your kitchen inside of your home. Whether it’s a new kitchen island or a new cabinet layout – we are up for the task to make your dreams come true.


Bored of your master bathroom? Want more shower space or a customized bathtub? Contact our licensed professionals with your ideas and get a free estimate to update your bathroom to suit your taste.

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